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Annual CTPAT Security Awareness

To comply with new U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) CTPAT ‘Training & Awareness’ requirements, meet new CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria (MSC), and improve your company’s overall supply chain security, this 20-minute training course provides all employees with an overview of the CTPAT Program and teaches them the basic steps they can take, no matter what role they’re in, to mitigate risk, protect your company’s security, and ultimately save time and money by preventing supply chain breaches. 

The Course Serves as a Practical Training Module For 

  • CTPAT Member companies seeking to satisfy ‘Training & Awareness’ requirements and meet the new CTPAT MSC. 
  • Employees across all divisions of a supply chain stakeholder company; including transportation, IT, compliance, import/export, security, HR, finance, sales, administration, and executives. 
  • Companies seeking to improve their overall supply chain security and efficiency by educating their workforce with basic CTPAT principles.

Course Content 

  • How all employees and business partners play a role in securing the company’s supply chain.
  • The U.S. CBP CTPAT Program and its importance to the supply chain security of your company. 
  • Overview of 12 CTPAT Requirements or ‘Minimum Security Criteria’ (MSC) and how they apply to you.