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Engaging with CTPAT Business Partners

AEO programs such as CTPAT set the global standards for supply chain integrity. Although your company may not be eligible for the CTPAT program, partnering with member companies prepares you for handling supply chain disruptions and optimizes your operational integrity. This course informs companies who engage with CTPAT members on best practices for maintaining compliance and leveraging the advantages of their business relationship.

The Course Serves as a Practical Training Module For 

  • Companies seeking to meet CTPAT/AEO standards as required by their business partners
  • Non-CTPAT companies who aspire to improve supply chain security and enhance marketability among business partners and customers

Course Content 

  • The significance of meeting CTPAT and similar global AEO standards
  • Best practices for maintaining compliance as a trusted business partner
  • Long-term benefits and ways to leverage partnership advantages