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CTPAT 101 : Preparing to Apply

Are you considering or preparing to apply to the CTPAT program? This 20-min CTPAT 101 course will help your company start strong in the CTPAT journey. Drawn from over 80 years of combined U.S. CBP and global supply chain expertise, former CTPAT directors, Ronald May, Shawn Beddows, and Bradd Skinner equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the CTPAT program and how your company should prepare for the application. 

CT Strategies offers a wide range of CTPAT resources. Visit CTPAT Navigator for CTPAT guidance packages and CTS Academy for more e-learning courses. 

The Course Serves as a Practical Training Module For 

  • Non-CTPAT Member companies seeking to augment their supply chain security knowledge and understanding of the CTPAT program
  • Prospective CTPAT Member companies seeking program overview, best practices, and expert insights before/during the CTPAT application process. 
  • CTPAT Member companies onboarding additional personnel in maintaining CTPAT compliance

Course Content 

  • What the CTPAT program is and how it benefits your company ​
  • How to successfully apply for membership by understanding key requirements ​
  • What to do after certification and maintaining your certification
  • Expert insights from former CTPAT directors