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CTPAT and Implementing the New Minimum Security Criteria

Augment your supply chain security expertise and understanding of the CTPAT program with an NCBFAA Accredited e-learning course led by Ron May, former U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Official and CTPAT Program Director. This self-paced, interactive course is based on insights from Mr. May’s experience as one of the first Supply Chain Security Specialists and the national leader of the CTPAT program. 

How can a CTPAT membership benefit your operations?

 Visit CBP or contact our team of CTPAT experts to learn more about the partnership

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The Course Serves as a Practical Training Module For 

  • Current CTPAT members hoping to meet the New Minimum Security Criteria, maximize their program benefits, or enhance company-wide understanding of the CTPAT program
  • Companies that aspire to become CTPAT members and seek practical advice on best practices for security profiles, validations, and other elements of program participation
  • Non-CTPAT members who seek to enhance efficiency and security within their supply chains or aim to adhere to CTPAT standards as required by business partners

Course Content 

  • Overview and history of the CTPAT program
  • Interactive examples of demonstrated supply chain smuggling scenarios and conveyance vulnerabilities
  • Updates to the Minimum Security Criteria
  • Best practices in completing the Security Profile and preparing for validations
  • In-depth look at the new Corporate Security Criteria
Ron May
Former CTPAT Program & Buffalo Field Office Director