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Highway Carrier Security Profile Course

Whether your company is updating your CTPAT Security Profile or you are a new member completing it for the first time, our expert, former CTPAT Program Directors, Ron May and Shawn Beddows, will guide your company through the process in this self-paced interactive course, using lessons learned from real-life events to illustrate both best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid. 

The Course Serves as a Practical Training Module For 

  • Current CTPAT members updating their Security Profile for the first time under the New Minimum Security Criteria. 
  • Companies seeking to become CTPAT members and seek practical advice on best practices for the Security Profile. 
  • CTPAT members engaging additional personnel in the Security Profile/Validation process. 
  • CTPAT members seeking additional confidence that their Security Profile is completed sufficiently prior to validation.

Course Content 

  • Best Practices for Completing the Profile
  • Key Security Criteria in Key, New Sections of the Profile
  • Insider Tips and Crucial “Do’s and Don’t’s” from Former CTPAT Directors
  • The Process for Submitting Information through the Profile
  • Examples of Acceptable Submission Materials.